Een vrouw van glas

4668 stars
Kim Edwards

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Title Een vrouw van glas
Rating 4668 stars
Author Kim Edwards
Pages Lucy Jarrett staat op een kruispunt in haar leven en besluit een tijdje terug te gaan naar haar geboortedorp. Eenmaal in het ouderlijk huis dringt de gedachte aan de raadselachtige dood van haar vader zich aan haar op. Ze voelt zich schuldig omdat ze hem alleen gelaten heeft op de avond waarop hij verdronk en vraagt zich af waarom hij eigenlijk ruzie had met zijn broer.
Bij toeval ontdekt ze een verzameling spullen die haar familiegeschiedenis in een heel ander licht plaatsen. Als ook oude gevoelens voor haar jeugdliefde - een glasblazer - opflakkeren weet ze: het is tijd om schoon schip te maken.
Isbn N/A
Review The Good Stuff

Wonderful realistic characters
Author really understands the inner workings of a family and its dynamics
I really understood Lucy's need to understand about her family history
Fascinating information and history and the portrayal of women in organized religion
Loved the character of the priest Suzi and her conversations with Keegan. If she was real, I would actually go to church
I was totally engrossed in the mystery of Rose and Iris and I think I wanted to find out the truth as much as Lucy did.
A truly fascinating tale and history lesson all in one
Beautifully written, author has some serious talent. Must go get me a copy of The Memory Keepers Daughter
I really enjoyed all the information about the suffragette movement and realized even more how grateful all of us women should be for what those women fought for
I could definitely see this one being made into a movie
The Not so Good Stuff

It was hard to get into at first. I struggled at first, but am glad I did, as it ends up being a fantastic book
Would have liked a family tree or a who's who at the front of the book for my mommy addled brain to remember who was who and where they fit into the family
Honestly I would have taken out some of the dream sequences but dammit I am a Mom I need things to pick up the pace more -- that's just me though -- nothing against the author -- it was just one of those irritating things to me.

Favorite Quotes/Passages

In those days God seemed as silent as my father, as angry as my uncle, as distant as the portrait of my great-grandfather in the hall; when I closed my eyes, those were the gazes I felt, and I was always nervous.

This history, told through Rose's eyes, didn't seem very far away, and it made me wonder how my own life would have unfolded if I hadn't been abler to study or work or even know the most basic facts about my body. A difficult history was hidden beneath my independence, like the ruins of the factories beneath the tranquil surface of this water. The rights I took for granted seemed suddenly very new, measured against the centuries.

Close-up , their lives were as complex and chaotic as my own, full of mistakes and disappointments and good intentions gone awry.

What I Learned

A crap load of information on the history of women and their portrayal in organized religion -- truly fascinating stuff
Tons of facts and history about the suffragette movement -- and how glad I didn't grow up in that era. I would totally have been jailed too!!
That I would love to know more about my ancestors and how they lived and their emotions. Damn why couldn't either side of my family been good at keeping journals!
Who should/shouldn't read

Those who need plenty of excitement and romance might not get into this one
Anyone interested in the suffragette movement or the portrayal of women in religion will love this
Really almost anyone will enjoy this as long as they give it a chance
This is not a light read so if you are looking for something on the light and fluffy side, this ain't it. Not that their is anything wrong with light and fluffy - since I also enjoy those types of books, just more of an FYI
4 Dewey's

I received this from Penguin in exchange for an honest review


I had a serious love-hate relationship with this book. I loved the family-history part of the story, both the suffragette's actual story, and how the protagonist traces this forgotten branch of the family through historical archives (what can I say? That sort of thing is crack to a librarian). I also loved the colorful settings and activities the author used and described.

I hated the protagonist, though. Her arrogance, self-centeredness, and sense of entitlement beggared belief for a 29-year-old woman who has lived internationally for most of her adult life. I would have believed it of a 15-year-old girl, but not a cosmopolitan, near-thirty-year-old woman. If someone asked her to keep something secret or not to do a particular thing, and she either didn't understand or didn't agree with their reasons, then she judged that clearly the promise/request/etc. did not apply to her and she could do as she pleased no matter what the consequences for anyone else. Also, since she had inherited a gift for unlocking locks, clearly locked doors and gates were not intended to keep her out; if she could undo the lock, she had a right to go in. After all, her enlightnenement and self-actualization and worldview trumped anyone else's reasons for doing anything at all. I seriously wanted to slap her upside the head multiple times, even when I agreed with whatever sketchy thing she was doing (which happened once, because someone else's interest was also at stake). You just know she was a popular girl at school, no matter what she says.

The writing also had a few places where I wanted to tear my hair out, though that might have been because I was listening to it on CD. Several times the protagonist would discover potentially life-changing documents, and instead of opening and reading them immediately, she would spend several paragraphs musing about the sunlight over the lake, or memories of her father on his fishing boat, and the significance of that to her life, etc. etc. ad infinitum. ARGH! Just read the damned document already!

Maybe I would have liked the book better with a different narrator. She read everything in tremulous tones, as if she were hovering on the edge of tears and bravely fighting them off to tell this story of monumental pain and sacrifice (and of course her own bravery in enduring it) even when she was just talking about a visit to a glass factory.

And at least 2/3 of the epilogue was overkill.

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